I am proud to support the free speech and privacy rights of people everywhere.


I operate multiple TorRelays and as of January 2024, have a total communication rate of 11MB/s (approximately 6TB/month).

Servers are located in Portugal and the United States as of January 2024.

Where to find information

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This is a nice and easy way to get TorRelay activity reports.

It is convenient to have a Telegram account.

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Traffic report miskeybot

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The functionality is the same as in Telegram etc., but you can read out loud in other instances such as Mastodon and misskey.io.

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As of January 2023, there are two servers.


About soliciting donations

We are not looking for donations because we do not want to be targeted by telecommunications carriers.

(To be exact, it seems that there is no problem in soliciting donations, but I do not want to take any risks, so I am not soliciting donations.)

You can simply pass on the knowledge that TorRelay operates on your server in your name. let's start.